Surrey County Scout Rifle Club
(formerly Surrey Venture Scout Rifle Club)

Shooting Activities 2019

SCSRC is a Scout activity club administered by Surrey Scout County and is a
Home Office Approved Rifle Club, affiliated to the National Rifle Association,
the National Smallbore Rifle Association and the London and Middlesex Rifle Association.
Membership of SCSRC is open to all members of the Scout and Guide Associations aged 14 years or more.
Wherever you live, come fullbore rifle shooting at Bisley, the home of target shooting sports, with Surrey County Scout Rifle Club.
Introductory Sessions 
 10th March
 14th April
 19th May
 16th June
 22nd September
 3rd November
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Shooting at 300 yards is available to all members on the dates listed above
 and... SCSRC's ScoutShoot!
 Lots of different types of shooting - all in one day!
 8th September
To discuss coming to an Introductory day, or to register, contact Phil Diprose,
Phone 01372 453963 email Phil

Also (for members with Long Range Certificate)
Long Range Days
at 500, 600, 900 &1000 yards and Gallery Rifle -

Sunday 31 Mar       500/600 yds
Saturday 27 Apr     300/500/600 v. LMRA
Sunday 12 May      1000 yds (am) + AGM (pm)
Sunday  2 Jun         600/500 yds (Pairs Comp.)
Sunday 30 Jun       1000/900 (L/R Comp)   
Sunday 13 Oct       500/600/1000 v. Windsor RC   
Sunday 17 Nov      Gallery Rifle (am)
Fullbore rifle at Scoutshoot SCSRC's
Multi-activity day, Scoutshoot '19,
will be on 
Sunday 8th September!

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