12th SEPTEMBER 1999

Surrey Venture Scout Rifle Club held their Scoutshoot competition at Bisley with 113 Scouts of all ages firing (safely!) some 7,500 bullets in one day in four disciplines.  Participants shot full bore rifle using 7.62mm ammunition at 300 yards, small bore rifle, C02 pistol and air rifle (field target)..

Competitors came from Surrey, Greater London South West, Greater London North West,  Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Middlesex West,  Buckinghamshire and Cheshire.

Winners were as follows:-
Scoutshoot Trophy - Mike Battyl (1st New Haw)
 Ladies Plate Helen Routledge (3rd Bookham)
Pistol Trophy David Pennell (15th SW Cheshire)
County Shield Neil Dunn (9th Bramshill)
Jack Day Trophy Ivan Hinsley (3rd Bookham)
 Hampshire Trophy  Michael Davis (1st New Haw)
 Jubilee Cup -  Graham Cale    ) 
Mark Nicholls  )  1st Claygate 
Chris Dawes     )
Pairs Trophy David Pennell   ) 
     and               ) 15th SW Cheshire 
Ruth Kellett     )
Greybeards Trophy Mike Battyl (1st New Haw)
Donegall Badge Chris Dawes     (1st Claygate )
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